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  :: Company introduction

UN-INTER TRADING & DEVELOPMENT GROUP (CAMBODIA) CO., Ltd. is an integrated company which gathers cultivation, wood processing and manufacturing together. The company legally owned 20,000 hectares of developable woodland, with two world's most advance wooden villa processing lines. And this is the first and the only local wooden villa business which gathers design, produce and install in one of which has been qualified through the verification of international environmental system.
Woodland is flat, located by the river, the unique tropical weather makes the whole woodland become luxuriant growth.  Most of the trees in the woodland are southeast species high-quality wood, such as, Pyinkado, Xylia Xylocarpa, Shan Pahudia, and Dipterocarpus tubinatus Gaertn.f. etc. Abundant timber resources and sustainable scientific afforestation development provides a stable source of high quality timber which can let the company continue focuses on home furnishing, wooden door, floor, wooden villas and other manufacturing industries as a long-term investment.
UN-INTER TRADING & DEVELOPMENT GROUP (CAMBODIA) CO., Ltd. has been specialized in wooden villa design, processing and construction for nearly 10 years. We combine the modern design, production and processing raw materials technology of wooden villa construction from Japan, USA and Canada, production and construction in accordance with the Japanese wooden villa design standard. Years of hard work and research make the quality of our wooden villa reaches a very high standard while the construction becomes easiest, it is like piling up the building blocks, we only need to send engineers to do the field assembly and everything will be done by a short time.
The company is committed to the development of the enterprise also pay more attention to the concern of social public welfare undertakings. We are currently donating fund to the Cambodia Red Cross in order to build more public school and pay more attentions in medical institutions funded charity.
Our company are adhere to principles of "integrity, excellence" to become the scale management of high-quality wood products supply enterprise. Enterprises or individual companies all around Cambodia are sincerely welcomed to build a strategic business relationship with us together as to develop the Cambodia Wooden Villa Market. Moreover, we also wish to cooperate with resort, golf, private clubs, farmhouse, agricultural sightseeing garden, as well as scenery district etc. to create a new development project. Together we pace towards development; together we pave way for future.


==The advantages of wood villa==
:: Energy saving and environmental protection; Warm in winter and cool in summer
:: Flexible Construction & Geographical Restriction Free
:: Seismic, Wind Resistance and Durable
:: Fully equipped & Hommization
:: Fire proof, Moisture-proof, Soundproof
:: Reasonable Price & Consumption
:: Dry & Clean Construction Site
:: Field Assembly & High Mobiliy
:: Professional Design & Varied Selections

Difference between Light wooden structure and Heavy wooden structure.

Wooden structure housing is mainly divided into two kinds: Light wooden structure and Heavy wooden structure. Light wooden structure is formed by smaller size of wood material. Wall frame is mainly used 3.8cm*8.9cm SPF material, insulation is used intermediate in order to preserve heat. Heavy wooden structure is, on the other hand, formed by larger size of wood material. Thickness of the wall will not be less than 10cm, and it is formed by solid logs which provide insulation with their excellent heat-retaining performance. Heavy wooden structure is tend to reflect more natural sounding, majestic atmosphere, environment protection and mobility. However, the cost will be higher due to more wooden material will be used.
For more detail information please feel free to contact UN-INTER TRADING & DEVELOPMENT GROUP (CAMBODIA) CO., Ltd.


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